€21.50 Per Person 3 Courses
Due to our cooking methods, some dishes may contain traces of nuts


Crispy Spring Rolls
Minced Prawns on Toast
Meat Sung (served with iceberg lettuce)
BBQ or Honey Spare Ribs
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup
Salt & Chilli Chicken Wings
Garlic Butter Prawns
Aromatic Duck Salad
(served with balsamic dressing)

Main Course

Beef & Black Bean Sauce (Sizzling Hot Platter)
Stir Fried tender beef with green peppers in a subtle, deeply savoury sauce

Duck with Plum Sauce (€4 supplement)
Succulent home roasted duckling served with our light brown, sweet and sour plum sauce

Traditional Chinese Chicken Curry 
Sliced Breast of Chicken with onions and peas in our original Amber Court home-made curry sauce

King Prawn Szechuan (Sizzling Hot Platter)
Quick fried king prawns in a savoury garlic and chilli sauce

Chicken Chow Mein 
Stir fried sliced fillet of marinated chicken with noodles and mixed vegetables

Penang Chicken (Sizzling Hot Platter)
Stir fried chicken in a sweet, savoury and chilli sauce with a touch of lemongrass

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Hong Kong Style)
Lightly battered crispy chicken stir fried with our homemade sweet and sour sauce

Exotic Prawn
Crispy King Prawns in a garlic, sweet chilli and tangy sauce

Beef with Chilli and Ginger (Sizzling Hot Platter)
Stir Fried tender beef in a ginger infused chilli sauce

Salt & Chilli Chicken 
Wok tossed crispy shredded chicken with garlic and fresh chillies


Selection of Ice Creams

Dishes served with either Egg Fried Rice, Boiled Rice, Chips or Noodles (€3.00 extra) unless otherwise stated