Chinese Cuisine


An ancient art

As a result of China’s diverse geographical regions, each as developed its own particular cuisine. We have chosen the best of these extensive varieties of regional Chinese cuisine in our menu.

Our chefs are dedicated to their art.  Now, the benefits of that dedication can be sampled as you are taken on a culinary tour of the main regions of China.

Two words – Balance and Harmony are the key to ordering a meal in our prestigious restaurant.  Dishes must strike a balance of ingredients, colour, flavour, texture and cooking styles.  A well balanced banquet not only provides harmonies well on the table and palate, but also provides a balanced blend of nutrition.

If you have any problems in choosing from our extensive menu, our experienced staff are always on hand to help you in your choice.  Any dish you desire which isn’t catered for in our menu, please do not hesitate to enquire and we will do our utmost to oblige you.